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lyft schedule

There in Minutes!

Lyft is not a centralized Taxi cab service that dispatches all vehicles from a downtown location. Lyft's drivers are all over the city and just a few minutes from your location! 

lyft safe

Safe & Friendly

Not everyone can be a Lyft driver, there's an extensive screening and evaluation process of both the service provider and through inspection of the safety of the car.

lyft recognizable

Easy to Spot!

Lyft's new AMP dashboard technology allows you to easily spot your driver so there's no need to worry about getting in the wrong vehicle, you'll see the sign!

Neville Foot & Ankle Centers Disclosure:

Neville Foot & Ankle Centers are not affiliated with Lyft or requires its services for transportation. Lyft is a 3rd party service and any arrangements made between Lyft and its clients are mutually exclusive to services provided by Neville Foot & Ankle Centers. We are not responsible for any issues that result from services provided by Lyft and its affiliate driver network. 

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