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Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care

Most of us are born with symptom-free feet. But at one time or another, as we age, three quarters of us will be affected by a foot ailment. Many of these problems can be avoided with proper foot care as a child.

Children with foot issues early on can develop all types of problems from walking and running problems. Pediatric foot pain can come from inadvertent foot trauma to nerve and ligament issues.

Walking issues due to pediatric foot problems need to be handled by a podiatrist specializing in pediatric foot care. Walking issues can stem from weak ligaments to nerve conditions. In-toeing and out-toeing are common issues also where the feet either point inwards or outwards while the foot should be pointing forward.

A young child’s feet are very pliable. Foot deformities can result from any abnormal pressure from tight covers or shoes that restrict foot growth and development.

    •    Shoes should be flexible and properly fitted.

    •    Be aware of your child’s walking patterns which may signal a concern.

    •    Recurring foot pain is not normal and should not be ignored.

    •    Children may suffer pain from flat feet and juvenile bunions.

    •    Swelling without explanation may be a sign of a serious condition and should be evaluated.

    •    Foot deformities such as club foot require early medical intervention.


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