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9 Reasons Why You Should Check Your Kid's Feet

Feet are the foundation of activity
Children who are active have a decided advantage over those that aren't!

3 out of 4 children do not get the recommended 1 hour of physically active time per day a new study found. There's a growing concern with what those 74% of children are doing to replace that activity like: video games, television, mindless Internet browsing, etc. But what may be equally concerning is the benefits that children are losing by NOT being active which include (but not limited to):

• Maintaining a healthy weight and increased energy

• Having strong bones and muscles for improved durability

• Improving balance and flexibility for decreased injury

• Improving posture for decreased pain

• Having a healthy heart and blood vessels for statically longer life

• Preventing a wide array of disease later in life

• Helping relax and improve mood with endorphins

• Improving self-esteem and confidence with a healthy body

• Developing social skills and making friends with collaborative activities

What role does feet play?

At Neville Foot & Ankle Centers, we treat children every day for a wide array of medical concerns for children of all ages. Many of these issues limit mobility while others discourage activity. For example:

A fracture of the ankle may limit mobility whereas a wart rubbing against another toe may cause pain and discourage activity.

We also regularly see: gait abnormalities, ingrown toenails, fungus/athlete's foot, growth disorders, calluses, wounds and much more!

Our modus operandi is to treat children non-surgically as much as possible, but use non-invasive procedures to aggressively address the problem. For some cases, surgical treatment may provide the best long term option. Education and options help parents make better decisions regarding the health and wellbeing of their children.

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