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Senior Foot Care

Foot Care For Seniors

Experts say that problems with our feet can be the first sign of more serious medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and nerve and circulatory disorders. Consider a test for PAD, (peripheral artery disease).  It is a painless, 5-10 minute test performed right in our office. Ask us how!



Here are some foot care tips for older people:

    •    Practice good foot care. Check your feet regularly, or have a member of your family check them.

    •    It also helps to keep blood circulating to your feet as much as possible. Do this by putting your feet up when you are sitting or lying down, stretching if you've had to sit for a long while, walking, having a gentle foot massage, or taking a warm foot bath.

    •    Avoid pressure from shoes that don't fit right.

    •    Avoid exposing your feet to cold temperatures.

    •    Don't sit for long periods of time (especially with your legs crossed).

    •    Don't smoke because it decreases blood supply and increases the chance of swelling and other circulatory problems.

    •    Wear comfortable shoes that fit well. This can prevent many foot problems.

senior footcare

Medical Pedicures

It can be difficult for seniors with fee & ankle issues to give themselves the proper care they need, so this often falls to their family caregivers. However, many are not properly trained and something as simple as incorrectly trimming toenails can create pain and even infection.

For most seniors, adequate foot and ankle health involves much more than a regular pedicurist can provide at the salon.

A Medical Pedicure at Neville Foot & Ankle Centers helps seniors and anyone looking to have specialized foot care in a sterile environment from a trained specialist.


The Foot & Ankle Doctors of Texas are dedicated to the highest levels of care and education. Our passion for helping our clients get back on their feet is unmatched!

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