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How Jack Daniels died and The Lesson We Learned!

The story of Jack Daniel is fascinating! However, his death is equally curious.

Jack Daniel inherited his distillery business from his adopted uncle who was forced out because the congregation thought it improper to preach during the weekends and be a bootlegger during the weekdays.

Jack took over, and despite his unique talents in the industry, remember the combination to the safe his uncle set wasn't his strong suit. One evening, he could not open the cast iron security box and in a fit of rage kicked it! He broke his toe which later would require amputation. Due to unsanitary surgical processes of the day, Jack developed a blood infection and died years later (after having more amputations of his foot and leg).

Cleanliness of surgeries is a critical component of a healthy and speedy recovery! Please do not practice home surgeries like ingrown toenail removals which could lead to much larger issues.

Today, the tour guide of his original home jokingly remarks, "Had Jack soaked his foot in his own Whiskey, it would have disinfected the wound and saved him!".

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01 jul 2022
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