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When to See Your Podiatrist About That Wound

Updated: May 2, 2019

For many, wounds are something superficial that are more of an inconvenience than a concern. However, wounds on your feet can not only be debilitating, but also the key to identifying other medical issues.

When we're talking about open wounds, we are initially going to evaluate the history of the patient. For example, was the wound due to an injury or did it happen over time? This will help determine the proper treatment plan.


It's important for diabetic patients to get wounds treated immediately! Often wounds are found too late because the patient doesn't even notice they exist (neuropathy) because of a lack of feeling. An open wound can become infected and lead to very serious medical conditions. Refer to the graphic above.

In some cases, infections can lead to amputation of a limb if left unchecked! However, medical treatment options for podiatrists have come a very long way! Wound care products can be infused with stem-cell rich materials that promote growth and accelerate wound-healing. There have been incredible results for many patients we've seen in our practice! See below graphic.

Ultimately, anyone with a foot wound concern should consult with their podiatrist to determine treatment options. However diabetics and the elderly are at higher risk of wounds becoming bigger problems and should act fast!

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